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Most Popular Blacklist Union Music Videos

by Tony West, lead singer

Tony West singer Blacklist Union popular music videos blog

As a musician, making a music video that brings your song to life is a rewarding experience. Here are four of Blacklist Union’s most popular music videos to date.

Alive N Well Smack in the Middle of Hell

Alive N Well Smack in the Middle of Hell has earned just under 58K views and 269 likes on YouTube since it was published in 2015. Vicky Hamilton was our manager at the time. Throughout the video, we focused on having fun and portraying part of the LA city scene. That’s what the song is all about — living in the city and being happy despite what’s going on around you.

Not surprisingly, shooting this video was some of the most fun I’ve had while working. We had some great talent working with us, and they were totally open to the ideas that were put on the table. I appreciate all the great feedback we received.

Evil Eye

Evil Eye earned 15.7K views and 196 likes on YouTube since it was published in 2016. If you’ve ever wanted to see me in a straightjacket, Evil Eye is the music video for you. For this video, the theme was mental and emotional abuse, which is an unfortunate part of life for a lot of kids, as well as adults.

There’s a lot of symbolism in the video, and I think it means something different for each person who views the video.


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